Brynne Redford

Position: Board Chair
Categories: Board Members

Executive Director, Estate and Personal Trust Services with the Public Guardian and Trustee

Brynne has a background in law and public health and for the last decade has worked in the BC Public Service in various positions providing services and support to vulnerable populations. Brynne previously worked as the Executive Director of Child and Youth Services with the PGT, the Director of Justice and Safety Programs with the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch, a Regional Director and Coroner with the BC Coroners Service, and as an Advocate and Senior Advocate with the Representative for Children and Youth. She has her Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University, Bachelor of Laws for the University of British Columbia, and Master of Public Health from Simon Fraser University. Brynne is passionate about protecting and promoting the rights of children and youth. She lives in Vancouver and in her spare time likes travelling, cooking, reading, and riding her bike in the sunshine.