Nirusha Thayaal

Position: Education and Outreach Assistant
Categories: Staff
Nirusha is currently completing her Bachelor’s of Arts at the University of British Columbia in hopes of attending law school in 2025. As an aspiring law student her passions lie within advocacy for justice and equality, pursuing a career in international/ human rights law. With a deep commitment to social justice, she has spent years volunteering and working with organizations such as UNICEF which support and uplift marginalized populations, including children and indigenous communities. She has years of experience in organizing, facilitating, and promoting educational, community building, and fundraising events with multiple charities and human rights advocacy groups.
Nirusha’s goals are to use her legal career to create meaningful change on a global scale, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and respect.
In her free time, she enjoys dancing, cooking, and baking, all of which are much more fun with her little sisters!